IOL: INTERNET OF LOGISTICS PSA is one of the leading global port groups, with ports spanning across Asia, Europe and the Americas. With our global footprint comprising transhipment hubs and gateway ports, we not only help to move mountains of goods across oceans, we view trade as it takes place in the world on a daily basis. Years of connecting containers have enabled PSA to make a science out of managing complexities.

With these insights, we seek out partnerships and common ground with stakeholders to orchestrate the supply chain, via the Internet of Logistics (IoL).

PSA envisions IoL to be a logistics ecosystem of connected and inter-operable nodes (physical, regulatory and financial), to enable cargo and trade flow visibility, expedition and evolution.


As epicenters of global trade, ports connect the world. At PSA, we venture beyond the port into Complementary Port Solutions and integrated systems on a Digital Platform. These cargo solutions connect communities to unleash the full potential of supply chain reliability and efficiency.

COMPLEMENTARY PORT SOLUTIONS At PSA, we are growing our presence in port adjacencies to bring additional value to the logistics industry. To this end, we are in close partnership with stakeholders to evolve as a community.

Our key segments of focus include Advanced Manufacturing, E-commerce, Energy & Chemicals, and Cold Chain. In these areas, we aim to create value through our:

#1 Differentiated Services
#2 Multimodal Solutions
#3 Physical Assets
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In today’s complex environment, the physical flow of goods may be constrained by erroneous information flow, regulatory issues, lack of data standardisation and financial risks. To tackle these inefficiencies, PSA is collaborating with stakeholders to promote global supply chain orchestration through CALISTATM. A DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM
In collaboration with PSA, Global eTrade Services (“GeTS”) Asia Pte Ltd launched CALISTA™ — CArgo Logistics, Inventory Streamlining & Trade Aggregation.
CALISTA™ is an open and neutral global supply chain platform that brings together key physical, regulatory and financial activities of cargo logistics on a digital ecosystem. It aims to streamline processes, documents and data for the flow of goods, by interacting with the systems and applications of various stakeholders.
Tapping blockchain technology, CALISTA™ augments user experiences seamlessly in a secure and smart manner to facilitate global trade.
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As part of an integrated supply chain ecosystem, Tuas Port will be the first terminal in Singapore to be co-located alongside an industrial hinterland. This allows the port to be both physically and digitally integrated with the wider supply chain network. Proximity and partnerships with synergistic industries will complement the build-up of cargo solutions to form a holistic ecosystem — powered and connected by a digital platform, CALISTA™.
Tuas is our Singapore sandbox, a model of the port that extends beyond the traditional physical dimension. Together with our partners, Tuas will be co-created as a connected community — the embodiment of our vision of the Internet of Logistics (IoL).

Situated at Singapore’s western seaboard, Phase 1 of Tuas Port will begin operations in 2021. When completed, Tuas Port will be the largest fully automated container terminal in the world, with an annual handling capacity of 65 million TEUs. State-of-the-art technologies will be deployed to operate this next generation port.
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