PSA has had a long history of innovation, from its early days as a Singapore statutory board decades ago, to a post-corporatisation multinational today. Innovation is especially relevant as the commercial marketplace continues to undergo rapid and structural changes that directly affect how we serve our customers. Below we feature some of PSA’s innovation efforts in recent years.

Innovation Vision 2022

In 2018, PSA put in place its Innovation Vision 2022 as an aspiration of what [email protected] should be in the future. We envision the hallmarks of a truly innovative organisation, where our employees spontaneously improve upon one another’s ideas, develop interdisciplinary collaborations and produce innovative breakthroughs without fear of failure; where our leaders are exemplary in promoting innovation as a culture and a game changer, while ensuring PSA’s innovation funnels are value-focused and good for its business in the long term; and where enterprise PSA is recognised as a thought leader in innovation and whose corporate performance is intricately linked with its ability to innovate.


PSA unboXed

PSA ventured into the startup space with the launch of its external innovation and corporate venture capital arm, PSA unboXed, in 2016. PSA unboXed supports PSA’s businesses, by harnessing technology and innovation from the startup ecosystem to seek solutions with a focus on ports, maritime, logistics and containerised cargo flow.

PSA unboXed is currently plugged into a global network of innovation ecosystem players. It seeks to source technology across a broad range of technology domains, from artificial intelligence to cloud computing and robotics. Through a focused screening process, PSA unboXed has contributed to dozens of successful proof-of-concepts, trials, and commercial arrangements with start-ups within PSA.

PSA unboXed does not box itself into the traditionally-defined scope of corporate venturing. Considering the varied technology needs of PSA, it has instead tailored sensible approaches to engage startups at different levels of maturity, with unique strengths or features that add value to PSA’s current and future operations.

Read more at our PSA unboXed section.

Cargo Solutions

In response to the evolving and increasingly complex demands of the global supply chain, PSA’s Cargo Solutions seek to drive higher levels of business innovation and increase service levels and offerings.

We create value for the global supply chain by focusing on four key verticals of Advanced Manufacturing, E-commerce, Energy & Chemicals and Cold Chain. Our partners and customers are able to utilise PSA’s extensive connections and range of differentiated services, for faster time to market and wider outreach to global destinations. We also operate a comprehensive mix of inland container depots, cold stores and reefer services.

In addition, PSA offers multi-modal solutions in different locations for shippers seeking fast and cost-competitive cargo connections. These include sea-air solutions leveraging Singapore’s hub position, and sea-rail solutions that link Southeast Asia to China’s western provinces via the International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC). Read more at our Internet of Logistics (IOL) section.


PSA’s subsidiary Global eTrade Services Asia (GeTS) set up CALISTA™ (Cargo Logistics, Inventory Streamlining & Trade Aggregation), an open supply chain platform to help shippers better manage the physical movement of goods, trade financing and compliance. CALISTA™ facilitates global and regional interactions between supply chain users through interconnected networks of supply chain, port community and shipping lines.

To-date, CALISTA™ has cargo owners, shipping lines, financial institutions and ports participating in its ecosystem. GeTs and PSA will continue to drive its global adoption as well as co-develop more innovative products with partners to provide an enriched customer experience and orchestrate supply chain excellence.

On a macro level, CALISTA™ is an integral part of an Internet of Logistics (IoL); which we believe is the future of the supply chain. An ecosystem of connected and interoperable logistics nodes across the physical, regulatory and finance dimensions, IoL will enable smarter and more visible cargo flow, drive standardisation, efficiencies and cost savings, and promote collaboration of innovative solutions.

Read more at our Internet of Logistics (IOL) section.



iCAN is an innovation platform adopted by PSA employees across global business units, spanning nationalities and cultures. An ideas e-platform, it effectively allows employees Groupwide to ask questions, share and build up ideas to improve PSA’s workplace processes or extend its business boundaries. Since its launch in 2016, iCAN has received thousands of staff entries covering a broad range of topics including HR, engineering, technology and IT, health, safety, security & the environment. Feasible submissions may be adopted, developed or implemented within PSA.

Innovation Funding

PSA’s Group Innovation Fund sets aside US$1 million annually to support the test-bedding of innovative ideas, conduct trials and encourage experimentation by employees.

Kua Hong Pak Innovation Awards

The annual Kua Hong Pak Innovation Awards are a supplement to PSA’s innovation activities. Named in honour of the late Mr Kua Hong Pak, one of PSA International’s longest-serving board directors, the Awards seek to recognise and reward PSA employees who dare push the boundaries with new ideas, enjoy the rigours and thrills of experimentation and try new ways of doing things.

Technology Action Group

PSA’s Technology Action Group (TAG) comprises a diverse composition of representatives from PSA headquarters and its two flagship terminals in Singapore and Antwerp, with a key objective to forge convergence on automation projects and steer them to successful implementation, as well as facilitate swift cascade of CP4.0™ technologies – PSA’s blueprint and vision for its Container Port of the Future.

TAG has in turn appointed scores of Technology Scanning Leads across the PSA Group to monitor technological trends and harness their applications for the benefit of PSA and its customers.

Catfish – Innovation Competency-Building

Developed in-house at PSA, Catfish Innovation is a HR program designed to kickstart and fuel our individual innovation engines, by honing our focus on how we innovate, unleash creativity, evolve ideas and lead the innovation journey. Multifaceted and multisensory, the program is designed to bring out the innovator in our employees and grow the spirit of creativity at PSA.

PSA will continue to actively reinvent itself, continually re-examine the way we operate, improve processes and innovate beyond traditional port boundaries to deliver higher value to the global supply chain.