PSA International

PSA is a leading global port group and a trusted partner to cargo stakeholders around the world. With flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp, PSA’s portfolio comprises a network of over 50 coastal, rail and inland terminals in 19 countries. Drawing on the deep expertise and experience from a diverse global team, PSA actively collaborates with its customers and partners to deliver world-class port services alongside, develop innovative cargo solutions and co-create an Internet of Logistics. As the partner of choice in the global supply chain, PSA is “The World’s Port of Call”.

PSA was formerly the Port of Singapore Authority, a statutory board regulating, developing, operating and promoting the Port of Singapore. In 1996, PSA’s regulatory functions were transferred to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. PSA Corporation Limited (the corporate successor to the Port of Singapore Authority) was subsequently established in 1997 to manage and commercially operate container terminals and related businesses in the Port of Singapore. In December 2003, PSA International Pte Ltd became the investment holding company for PSA’s group of businesses worldwide.

PSA’s operating entities are organised into five business regions – Southeast Asia, Middle East South Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe and Mediterranean, Americas – each headed by a regional chief executive officer responsible for its business performance. The regional CEOs report to the group CEO who is assisted by a small team of senior executives at the Corporate Centre.


In the 1970s, PSA took the pioneering step of building a container port in Singapore, and handled its first container ship in 1972. Container volumes grew rapidly. In 1982, the number of containers handled crossed the one-million-TEU mark.

By 1990, container volumes handled by PSA Singapore Terminals grew to 5 million TEUs making Singapore the world’s largest container port.

PSA took the first step in becoming a global terminal operator in 1996 when it embarked on its first overseas venture in Dalian, China. Today, PSA is a world leading ports and terminals group.

Global Experience

PSA is a global brand name known for its efficiency, speed and reliability. It is a global leader in the ports and terminals business, partnering with port authorities, business agencies and MNCs to develop, manage and operate world class port projects at every corner of the globe. With its proven track record, PSA offers its customers a wealth of experience and expertise earned over four decades in the container hub business.

Customer Focus

At PSA, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer relations. We believe that customer service and satisfaction are fundamental to successful partnerships, and we constantly seek innovative ways to create value for our customers and help them boost productivity. PSA works closely with many of the world’s shipping lines, using our collective skills, knowledge and experience to anticipate our customers’ every need and deliver even more. PSA has the flexibility to customise our services according to a shipping line customer’s individual requirements

Operational Excellence

For more than four decades, PSA continuously developed and upgraded its container handling infrastructure, pioneered new systems and processes and streamlined operations to meet the rapid growth in its container terminal business.

PSA Singapore handles about a fifth of the world’s transhipped containers. Managing, moving and tracking such huge numbers of containers is an immensely complex operation. PSA has the tested and proven systems and technology to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, 24 hours a day.

Cutting-edge Technology

Harnessing the latest in automation, wireless communications, information technology and operations research, PSA combined its extensive domain knowledge in container operations with new technologies and innovated CITOS (Computer Integrated Terminal Operations Systems) and PORTNET®, setting a new benchmark for connectivity, efficiency, speed and reliability for mega-hub operations.

PSA’s investment in technological innovation results in consistent service excellence that our customers can rely on in any port where we operate. Our dedicated operations team constantly develops solutions to work harder for our customers, so that they enjoy the benefits of faster, more reliable and more cost effective processes.

Global Management Team

PSA is able to draw on its global talent pool in business development, operations, marketing, human resource, finance, engineering and IT and tap into the resources of the entire Group for deployment to any of our ports around the world. PSA places great emphasis on staff training for which it was accorded numerous awards for people development. Training road maps are customised for employees so they can continually upgrade their skills and serve the customer better.

A Solid Balance Sheet

Sound financial management has always been the cornerstone of PSA’s business strategy. PSA’s robust financial profile, a solid balance sheet, continuing profitability and healthy cash flow reflects its history of fiscal prudence and strong financial discipline.

Access PSA International’s annual report for more information.

Building Global Partnerships

By choosing PSA, you can be assured of a partnership with a bright future, built on the strongest foundations. Working together as your partner, we can help your business grow, reduce complexity and costs, and increase efficiency and productivity. With PSA at your side, we can build success.